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A Real ‘Sign’ of Friendship

The Friends of The Plaza are the most wonderful supporters of our venue and as well as supporting us in many different ways they raise funds through special events to provide the capital enabling us to undertake special projects such as paying for the recent Mural painting in our auditorium and today that generosity was very much in evidence when The Friends of The Plaza funded the replacement of our external signage with an exact replacement of the one erected after our restoration project in 2009 in the delightful colour scheme and font that originally graced our opening literature in 1932.

Original Faded Sign

From 7am this morning our illustrious ‘Pin Up Pete’ here at The Plaza was in attendance as firstly our neon was repaired but as this posting is highlighting friendship, our wonderful neon suppliers permitted the use of the substantial cherry picker used for the neon repairs to access and remove the faded signage which had been installed during our restoration in 2009 to make way for a more robust sign that is designed not to fade and warp like the original.

Removal of first panel old signBlank SignBroken Old Sign

Access to the side of The Plaza was in the past afforded by tall ladders but thankfully these days the Cherry Picker crane used by our contractors can manoeuvre around the corner and safely grant access to the professional team tasked with the sign replacement and as the remnants of the 2009 signage was cleared away it was time to hoist up the new panels for installation


New Sign Section Being Lifted into placeLifting Part Sign into positionPanels in position

As our Cherry Picker lifted up, up and away the glorious new sign was revealed that will be here to welcome guests to The Plaza for many more years to come and is a true sign of friendship from our wonderful Friends organisation who we thank from the very bottom of our hearts for all of their ongoing decidication and support to our wonderful 1932 Art Deco Super Cinema and Variety Theatre.

New Sign Side ShotNew Sign in place



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