Happy Birthday to us!

On the weekend of October 7th & 8th 1932 a vision was born in Stockport as the doors opened on a sumptuous Art Deco Super Cinema and Variety Theatre that would shine as the regional home for the very best in Big Screen and Live Stage Entertainment, Events and Fine Dining here in the very heart of Stockport and this weekend we celebrate our 85th year of serving you and our community by raising the curtain on a weekend showcasing the very best in popular entertainment with the ever popular ‘That’ll Be The Day’ on Saturday 7th October and two sensational U Classificiation film presentations on Sunday 8th October with our ‘Another Fine Mess Family Film Day’ followed by a screening of ‘The Smallest Show on Earth’.

Opened on October 7th 1932 with a screening in aid of the local Stockport Infirmary of ‘Jailbirds’ starring Laurel & Hardy followed by a feature presentation of ‘Out Of The Blue’ starring Gene Gerrard and Jessie Matthews, The Plaza was a sumptuous palace of entertainment in the heart of our industrial town that would gleam as it does to this very day as a beacon of glamour and excitement to the population that she was created to serve.

Following changes from an entertainment venue to a Bingo Hall in 1966 then her eventual closure in the late 1990s, The Plaza was eventually saved and reopened in 2000 by The Stockport Plaza Trust who with the dedicated support of our magnificent volunteers alongside our fabulous permanent staff reopened our venue to provide her original raison d’être hosting cinematic and live stage entertainment and The Plaza with the support of her community continues to be the home for the very best in popular entertainment, fine dining alongside events, weddings , conferences and filming all of which are now welcomed to our Art Deco gem regularly.

The full history of the magnificent Plaza Super Cinema and Variety Theatre can be found on the Heritage and Restoration section of this web site detailing how she was built, saved and eventually restored to the magnificent award winning Art Deco gem that you see today whilst the ‘What’s On’ section show how our programme of events stays true to The Plaza’s original ethos of a home for cinematic presentations and live variety theatre.

As we head into our Birthday Weekend please join us in raising our voices with a hearty Hip Hip Huzzah for 85 years of magnificent service from the glorious Stockport Plaza Super Cinema and Variety Theatre and a round of applause for everyone involved from the early days of The Plaza as she opened her doors in 1932 through to the modern day and most importantly to you and every guest that has visited The Plaza over her 85 years as it is through your support that she has managed to preserve her place as the absolute jewel in the artistic crown of the North West.

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