Restoration Update – 09.11.17

The Plaza is built into the surrounds of the cliffs that would have formed part of the original ‘Mersey Basin’ therefore when there were external issues with drainage, water that should have been drawn away from the venue found its course into and under the auditorium via the side walls.

As the floor boards got wet, rot began and over just a few years it became clear that extensive works would be required to rectify the external issues, re tank the walls and replace damaged floor and carpets.

Under the expert review of external contractors ISS the worst area of rot has been removed, a sump pump installed for the duration of our pantomime season as The Plaza is unable to close till the new year for the major works required and to cover the pump and exposed wall a fabulous cover resembling the largest of cheese cake in the world that would do The Plaza Cafe proud is now in situe for a few months.

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