Restoration Update – 27.01.20

Featuring an exact replica of the stylised carpet coverings that welcomed our very first guests to our Cafe Lounge on October 7th 1932, our carpet fitters from Bramley Carpets based in Stockport have done a beautiful job in refitting the Brintons created deco styled green, black and white diamond carpet with a central seam into our dining area.

The carpet pattern which is designed to draw the eye along the room which hosts originally styled Lloyd Loom furnishings which again were created during our restoration in 2009 to be an exact match of the original dressings within the room creates a perfect example of the stylised tea/dining rooms of the early 1930s which make this beautiful lounge which is open from 10am Monday to Saturday a pleasure and a delight to enjoy a relaxing break in away from the hustle and the bustle of the modern day.

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