Restoration Update – 30.04.09

The month of May is almost upon us and works are on schedule throughout the building with the entire facade of the Plaza now wrapped in a giant white cocoon whilst the tile repairs, the cleaning and the installation of the fittings to enable us to reinstate the missing canopy and neon lighting are put into place.

Backstage works have commenced on refurbishing and upgrading the facilities for our visiting artistes with the dressing rooms having electrical installations upgraded, ceiling heights increased in our main under stage corridor and the electrical intake throughout the stage area upgraded, whilst for the benefit of our patrons, visiting companies and personnel the old gas boilers have been removed from the red boiler room sub stage ready for replacement along with the installation of radiators in all the original positions throughout the Plaza which will enable us to maintain the temperature to a comfortable level throughout the year.

The front facia of the stage has been replaced and the stalls floor around the boxed in Compton Organ has been prepared for the installation of a replica of the original orchestra pit rail which will light up in conjunction with the auditorium lighting, whilst repair works to the floor boards and removal of a section in the orchestra pit for a lift which will assist getting show equipment onto the stage are all under way.










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